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5 Home Facade Designs that will Make Your House Look Like an Architectural Masterpiece

5 Home Facade Designs that will Make Your House Look Like an Architectural Masterpiece

Do first impressions count? We think so. An impressive home facade stands out beautifully for aesthetic purposes and, of course, the value it adds to the house. Your first impression of your home starts from the street, and street appeal can impact the resale value of your home. Not planning to sell any time soon? Well, a beautiful home facade also sets the scene for you and your guests and family as they pull into your driveway. Of course, you’d want to feel proud and love your home as your drive into your garage!

The Oakford – By Shelford Quality Homes


So what do you need to do to have an attractive home facade? There are many options, but we have rounded up five beautiful home facade examples from which you can take inspiration. These examples perfectly showcase their unique style and personality – two top characteristics every house should have. Read on and discover which style you like best!


  1. Modern contemporary style facade

This modern facade style is characterised by its neat, flat lines and symmetry. It uses big, sharp geometric shapes to create a visually unique exterior. Modern facades also typically mix materials, such as render, brick, or cladding.

Many new homes have a modern facade to fit current trends and colour schemes. It is timely as it is also classic and universal, so it is easy to style from the outside in and blends in well with the rest of the neighbourhood. The most common modern colour schemes are neutral colors. A monochromatic palette will tone together with white, grey, and black to create a stylish exterior. You can also go for a moodier colour palette, like a mix of greys with black or brown accents.

Modern contemporary style facade

The Nu Arte – By Shelford Quality Homes


  1.  The Hamptons-style facade

Are you more into the cool coastal vibe of The Hamptons? Bring The Hamptons to Perth through a facade design that is elaborate, classic, and elegant. This sophisticated and tasteful style uses cool refreshing colours like greys, pale taupe, and whites.

The Hamptons-inspired facade typically has more embellishments and trims than an average coastal-style home. The subdued colour palette allows the shapes and elements to be the highlight of the facade. Add a modern touch to this classic design with weatherboard cladding, render, and natural stone mixed with traditional gables. If you are considering having a Hamptons-style facade, both the interior and exterior should have a consistent style to ensure cohesion.

The Hamptons-style facade

The Lake House – By Shelford Quality Homes


  1.  Coastal-style facade

Looking for a simpler and more relaxed version of The Hamptons style? Then the Coastal-style facade is for you. This simple and clean style gives off a modern coastal feel with its stone and white colour palette with render and weatherboard cladding. The coastal-style facade allows for easy living due to its low-maintenance exterior.

Some coastal-style palettes you can incorporate into your facade design include neutral colours like tan, beige sand, and soft pastel colours. Think natural furnishings with an organic feel like raw timbers and wicker rattan. Complete the beachside coastal feel with earthy tones.

Coastal-style facade

The Karnup – By Shelford Quality Homes


  1. Traditional style facade

For an understated modern look, go for the traditional style facade. It incorporates basic elements, such as bricks, and modernises it with a partially or fully rendered exterior. Simple yet stunning, the key to achieving a traditional style facade is using colour palettes that blend the traditional and modern styles beautifully. Neutral colour schemes with dark and rich tones create a sense of safety while still delivering today’s modern lifestyle.

The understated style puts the spotlight on the material used and suits any neighbourhood with a classic look. Ultimately, the key to having a traditional style facade is to emphasise the windows and brightness of the home.

Traditional style facade

The View – By Shelford Quality Homes


  1.  Art Deco-style facade

Want a more striking modern design? The Art Deco-style facade design catches your attention from the street with its classic geometric shapes, clean lines, and beautiful curves. It is elegant, opulent, and an interesting mix of Art Deco elements and contemporary design.

The Art Deco style accentuates shape, balance, and proportions. Common colour palettes for this style often have black or charcoal accents with white render to make the dark moody accents pop. The main attraction of an Art Deco facade is the geometric shapes, horizontal lines, and flat roofs that give a nod to the glamorous classic. Continue the style into the interiors by incorporating clean cornices, light fittings, geometric patterns, and brass, gold, stone, and glass accents.

Art Deco-style facade

The Hurstville – By Shelford Quality Homes


Achieve the architectural masterpiece of your dreams with Shelford

At Shelford Quality Homes, we cater to any style options that best fit your lifestyle and personality. Our team has the flexibility to tweak, change, and adjust the design to deliver the look you want to achieve without limitations. Here’s a top tip from us – a home facade should reflect the interior design style of your home. Ensure that the outside matches the inside for consistency and cohesion and to avoid confusing your guests. Think of how it flows from the outside in.

Whether you want a modern contemporary style, a Hamptons style, a coastal style, a traditional style, or something bolder and more different like an Art-Deco style home, we can do it for you and achieve the design that matches exactly what you are looking for in a dream home.


Find your dream home and complete the look you want by exploring our home designs. For more inspiration, you are welcome to visit our display homes.

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