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Create a Study Nook in Your Home with These Easy Steps

Create a Study Nook in Your Home with These Easy Steps

Having a study nook in your home gives you a space dedicated to studying and working and allows you to focus in a safe and comfortable area without distractions. If you are unsure where or how to start designing your workstation, take a look at these easy steps.

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Find a quiet spot in your house

A spare bedroom is one of the most suitable spaces that can be converted into a study area. If you have limited space, a study nook is the best alternative. Even the smallest spot in your home can become a functional study area.

A good place to start is by finding the best spot in your home, a quiet space where you can work undisturbed. Make sure there are no distractions nearby unless you want a workstation close to the family areas to ensure family members are interactive with each other. To help you decide, start by taking a chair and just sitting in the space for a while to see if it could work for you. If you are building and finding a spot to set up your workstation, look at the best position in your plan that has space for a desk and a chair.

That space could be under the stairs, that extra space in your living area, or a low-traffic hallway. For your inspiration, our Miami display home features a study nook in the scullery drop zone area – perfect for storing bills and keeping an eye on the kids doing their homework.

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What kind of space do you need?

Once you decide where you will build your study nook, think about how much space you need. Will you use a desk or a bigger table? Do you need a chair? What type of lighting do you need? These are some of the questions to ask yourself to help you decide what kind of space you need and how you will transform the space into a workstation that has everything you need to be productive.

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Choose the right table or desk

When choosing a desk for your study area, you can find the right size at any office supply store or online. An ergonomic option is a stand-up desk. Many of our clients opt for a built-in laminate desk. And to match the space, they add a stone top. Either way, make sure that the desk’s size can fit your computer, papers, and other materials. Consider the space under the desk as well – you will need enough space for a comfortable chair.

The right size for your table or desk depends on space and functionality. At a minimum, it should be 1.5 metres wide with a depth of 60 centimetres.

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Add comfortable seating in study nook

To make your study nook more inviting and conducive for productive work, add some comfortable seating. Buy a couch or chair that matches the colour scheme of your room. To make it even cosier, make sure the seat is adjustable, comfortable to sit on, and supportive of your back when both feet are touching the ground. Overall, your study nook chair should be stylish, comfortable, and ergonomic!

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Include a smart storage space in study nook

Storage will help in decluttering the space and allow you to have easy access to everything you need in one space. Add shelving or drawers below or beside the desk to keep paperwork and stationery. This is especially crucial if your study nook is located in the main living zone where you want the overall aesthetic to remain clean and harmonious.

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Incorporate style and personality

Nothing’s better than a space that is both beautiful and practical. Add style and personality to your study nook by adding things that reflect you or the family member using it. Decorate your shelves with stylish but meaningful mementos or plants, hang up impactful art, or add a feature wall.




Ensure ample amount of lighting

Don’t forget to cater to extra lighting in your electrical plan when building your study nook or add a desk lamp. Lighting is one of the most important features in your study nook as it helps set the mood and helps you focus on tasks at hand, and most of all, it helps prevent eye strain.




Create your perfect study nook with Shelford

Building a study nook or setting up one in your existing home is a great solution when you have an extra space dedicated to a work or study area. We recommend to keep your study nook neat and compact – look for furniture pieces that are not too bulky, or consider having a built-in desk and shelving to make the most out of your space.

For more stylish tips and tricks in setting up the perfect study nook, visit our display homes, where you can find great study nook set-ups that will inspire you. Our display homes are open every weekend.