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Our Commitment to Quality

You can Build with Confidence when you build with Shelford Quality Homes. As part of the wholly Western Australian owned and operated Shelford Group, our team has been building dream homes for Perth families since 1991. With a range of affordable single storey, double storey and acreage home designs to choose from, Shelford Quality Homes is committed to providing the best quality, the best value and the best service of any new home builder in Perth, which is why we offer our Shelford Build with Confidence Guarantee with every new home we build!

But what does it all mean?

Shelford lifetime warranty

By law, a builder is liable to rectify any faults and unsatisfactory workmanship for a period of up to six years from the date of practical completion of all new homes built in Western Australia. This “warranty” applies regardless of the value of the building work, and it protects you – the home buyer – in terms of your builder’s responsibility. However when you build with Shelford Quality Homes, in addition to this statutory warranty period and our sincere commitment to maintenance obligations, you also get our Shelford Lifetime Warranty, providing you with added peace of mind knowing your dream home is in safe hands – and for a period of up to 25 years!

HIA fixed price contract

Over the past ten years, construction costs have risen steadily, and at a rate much higher than the national inflation rate. With the price of raw materials representing approximately 60% of the costs incurred in building a home, increases in the cost of these materials has contributed significantly to rising prices. As a result, some suppliers cannot guarantee prices will not increase during the time it takes to build a home which is why, when you build with Shelford Quality Homes, we undertake to bear any cost increases above the fixed price of your home building contract (other than costs incurred because of variations you have made or by matters outside our control, such as natural disasters) subject to normal contract conditions.

100Mm floor slab reinforced with minimum f62 mesh

The concrete slab any new home sits on must be installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS2870. In Western Australia the most common slab thickness is between 85mm and 100mm. (The thickness of your slab will be stated in the specifications document which forms part of the contractual arrangements with your builder.) Because most Perth building sites are flat and sandy, a properly engineered 85mm slab should be adequate for single storey residential construction. However, when you build with Shelford Quality Homes, we guarantee to provide a 100mm thick slab reinforced with minimum F62 mesh, for structural integrity and better control over cracking.

Perth Home Builders | Shelford Quality Homes
Perth Home Builders | Shelford Quality Homes

Footings reinforced wth f8 trench mesh

When you build with Shelford Quality Homes, we guarantee your home will be constructed with footing trenches reinforced with F8 Trench Mesh, a multipurpose steel reinforcing mesh specifically designed to transfer loads to the ground. Going this “extra mile” ensures the structural integrity of your home for many years to come and is in addition to the comprehensive site survey and assessment we commission for every home we build. The owners of our company cut their teeth on concrete which is why we simply won’t compromise on the quality of our footings!

Internal/external galvanised steel lintel

According to Australian building regulations, any openings in the external walls of your home, such as doorways and windows, must be supported with a beam or lintel. Lintels can be made from a variety of materials, but need to be fit for their purpose. We guarantee to use only galvanised steel lintels designed and tested to support both the internal and external brickwork above any and all wall openings in your new home. Together with the brickwork and mortar, our galvanised steel lintels work to form a composite beam with exceptional strength and load carrying capacity.

Perth Home Builders | Shelford Quality Homes
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Midland brick double clay brick construction

Midland Bricks are made to take the knocks of everyday life. They are guaranteed to never rot, fade, peel or dent and don’t contain any volatile organic compounds, like some other building materials. They are impervious to vermin, pests and termites, and their natural density makes for a much quieter home, reducing external sounds such as traffic and noisy neighbours! Building with Midland Bricks also ensures your home withstands the extremes of our harsh Australian climate. When you build with Shelford Quality Homes, we guarantee to build your home with two leaves of Midland Brick clay bricks, and to use only Midland Brick Maxi Bricks™ which boast vertical coring for additional load bearing capacity, to construct the internal walls of your home.

Quality Material and Suppliers

While we know that great value is all about affordability, we also believe that great value means never comprising on quality. Which is why every Shelford Quality home is built to the highest standard with full access to your very own Supervisor.

Perth Home Builders | Shelford Quality Homes

H2 treated pine roof timbers

In order to assure that the timber used to construct the roof frame of your home not only meets, but exceeds Australian standards, Shelford Quality Homes guarantees to use only H2 (hazard level) treated pine roof timbers made from machine-graded pine. The use of this material creates a stronger and more stable roof and ceiling structure, which helps prevent roof sagging and ceiling cracks. The H2 treatment also offers protection against attack by termites and the pesky European House Borer and provides increased durability against decay which in turn extends the life of your home.

Protective corner beading to plaster

Building the dream with Shelford Quality Homes can mean building a home for you and your family to enjoy for years to come, or it can mean building an investment property to add to your portfolio. Either way, we understand that your home needs to not only stand the test of time, but it also needs to weather the rough and tumble of everyday life. For this reason, Shelford Quality Homes guarantees to include protective corner beading built into the exposed corners of the plastered walls of the high-traffic areas of your home as your first line of defense against chipping.

Quality assurance

To ensure our unwavering commitment to quality is guaranteed, Shelford Quality Homes undertakes a 5 stage internal quality assurances inspection to ensure the excellence of every home we build. In order to meet his exacting quality, safety, environment and risk management objectives and ensure construction is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001, we also employ Site Managers who are responsible for inspecting and approving work carried out on your home. Through this compliance and the continued promotion of quality consciousness amongst our employees, you can build with confidence when you build with Shelford Quality Homes.

Quality, integrity and great value – it’s the Shelford Quality Homes point of difference!

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From our first meeting, and throughout the home building process, we ensure we work together to get you where you want to be.
While we know that great value is all about affordability, at Shelford First we also believe that great value means never comprising on quality. Which is why every Shelford home is built to the highest standards, with access to your very own Supervisor who inspects and approves work carried out on your home.
Perth Home Builders | Shelford Quality Homes
More value as standard to save you money and provide your home longevity by including 100mm concrete slab with F62 mesh (on an average 200sqm home slab this means an extra 3 cubic meters more concrete compared with 85mm slabs), and reinforced footings with F8 trench mesh in all our Shelford Homes for better structural integrity.
All home designs, packages and inclusions are flexible & can be customised to suit your lifestyle and budget without limitations.
Going above and beyond the standard 6 years and offering a 25 year structural guarantee, providing you with added peace of mind knowing your first home is built with quality material and quality trades.
Build with Confidence knowing Shelford Quality Homes is proudly part of the Shelford group who have been building quality homes in WA since 1991, with over 500 years’ experience!