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Investing in NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation

Investing in NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation

If you are looking into investing in a property and want to help out in the community, you can become an NDIS investor through Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) investment. SDA properties are currently in short supply in Perth and WA. If you venture into SDA investment, you need to be serious about property investing and willing to take steps to navigate specific regulations. This way, you will make a positive difference in a person’s life while making great returns. A win-win!

Currently, there are limited homes in Perth and the South West that have been certified to an SDA standard, so there are limited accommodation options for participants granted SDA funding.

Here at Shelford, our mission of giving back to the community includes creating more quality SDA homes around Perth and the South West by helping people renovate their existing homes or designing and building new homes that comply with NDIS design standards and are assessed by accredited SDA assessor.


Client home – NDIS Approved


What are SDA properties?

SDA properties are homes approved to house participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). People with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs require specially designed homes, and SDA properties, as approved by NDIS, provide them with the support they need.

An SDA property has key features that allow its inhabitants to experience improved liveability. It must have wheelchair accessibility throughout the home, and all areas need to be accessible in either a seated or standing position. Disability-friendly installations such as railings and anti-slip mats should also be present. On top of that, an SDA property must be robust enough that does not require a lot of reactive maintenance.

SDA providers receive funding from NDIS, and there are government incentives and structures dedicated to SDA properties. This makes rental returns much higher than a non-NDIS property. As an SDA property investor, you will get to experience both the promise of great returns and helping solve a social crisis. If you are not sure how to start getting into SDA investment, we are here to help!


Adjustable sink for easy wheelchair accessibility


SDA House and Land Packages with Shelford Quality Homes

If you are looking for the best SDA properties in Perth to invest in, we have affordable SDA House and Land packages. We can help you find a block of land in an SDA-friendly location and then design and build an SDA-approved house.

Our team at Shelford specialises in designing and building SDA properties that comply with NDIS requirements. Working in consultation with occupational therapists and NDIS assessors, we design and build solutions to meet individual needs and assist with navigating the SDA space.


NDIS approved kitchen design


For a new home to qualify as SDA, it must meet strict NDIS design standards and be assessed as compliant by an accredited SDA assessor. There are four categories of SDA design according to SDA rules:

  1. Improved liveability
  2. Robust
  3. Fully accessible
  4. High physical support


Finding an NDIS participant for your SDA home

Funding is attached to the NDIS participant, not the property. If you don’t have an approved NDIS participant to rent the property, you will not be eligible for the funding. So how do you find a tenant?

There are several ways. NDIS participants usually look for SDA properties listed online or go through an NDIS service provider. When they opt to go to an NDIS service provider, the service provider will organise coordinators and support staff to help the participant find the right SDA property for them. Get in touch with an NDIS service provider to help connect your property with a tenant.

Once you have found a tenant, it’s important to note that the NDIS participant will pay a reasonable rent contribution of 25% of their base disability support pension while NDIS provides the SDA payments. This arrangement means the Federal Government provides a safe and secure income stream to you, the SDA property investor.


NDIS approved bathroom design


Get started with your SDA investment with Shelford

In addition to building quality homes that meet NDIS standards, our goal is to help investors and NDIS participants looking for an SDA home find each other by providing home and land packages to increase SDA home supply. For more information on how you can invest in SDA housing, get in touch with us today!