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Shelford Gets Loud and Bright for 2023 Telethon Loud Shirt Day

Shelford Gets Loud and Bright for 2023 Telethon Loud Shirt Day

On the 20th of October, Western Australia celebrated the annual Loud Shirt Day. For the fourth year in a row, the Shelford team went loud and proud in showing our support for the Western Australian-based not-for-profit organization. We love getting loud and bright for the WA kids!

Loud Shirt Day

Telethon – Shelford Group


Loud Shirt Day

Loud Shirt Day is an awareness day organised by Telethon Speech and Hearing. It is an event where everyone expresses their support by wearing something loud, bold, and bright and raising funds for children with hearing loss and speech and language delays. In 2023, Loud Shirt Day was on Friday, the 20th of October.

Youā€™ve probably heard of the Telethon Speech and Hearing non-for-profit organization, but what exactly is its impact on the WA community? Telethon Speech and Hearing is a registered charity and independent school specialising in providing educational, diagnostic, therapeutic, and support services for children with speech and language delays and hearing loss. WA kids with these conditions receive in-house services from Telethon Speech and Hearing, helping them acquire the skills they need to succeed in formal schooling. The organisation makes these inclusive services accessible to families in the convenience of one location so that their children can reach their true potential.

Loud Shirt Day

Telethon Speech and Hearing Loud Shirt Day


Over $26k raised for a good cause

In this year’s Loud Shirt Day, the Shelford team dressed up to raise awareness and funds. We sold fun, crazy socks and placed donation boxes at our display home locations. We had our very own Loud Shirt Day morning tea. We are also grateful to our suppliers who donated gifts, which we gave away through raffles. And the fun for a cause did not stop there! We held a best-dressed competition and a Loud Shirt Day team pizza party.

We are proud to announce that we raised $26,056.00 for Telethon Speech and Hearing. We became the highest fundraiser for this year! We presented the cheque to Telethon 7 Perth. This is all thanks to the unwavering support of the whole Shelford team and our wonderful partnerships, suppliers, and trades. We were able to outdo our donation record from last year to raise awareness and educational support for children in our community with hearing loss and speech and language delays.

“We are proud to make Loud Shirt Day one of our biggest fundraising events of the year,” said Shelford Managing Director John Mijacika. “Shelford’s culture has always placed a high valueĀ on people and communities, and this is reflected in how many of our staff and our associatedĀ organisations chose to support the Loud Shirt Day cause. We know that the work done by Telethon Speech and Hearing has a measurable impact on the lives of children across the state, and we are delighted to be a part of it.”

Shelford raised over $26,000 for Telethon Speech and Hearing

Make a difference with Shelford

While Telethon announces the official date of Loud Shirt Day every year, families, groups, companies, and all supporters can host their Loud Shirt Day event whenever suits them best. After all, we believe that being socially responsible and supporting the community is long-term and should be done every day in every way we can.

Loud Shirt Day

Silly Socks

Learn more about how you can support Telethon Speech and Hearing and discover how our team at Shelford gives back to our community.