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Smart home trends to look out for in 2021

Smart home trends to look out for in 2021

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience and value they offer to individuals and families of all lifestyles. In the days and years to come, we only imagine that this trend will continue with even more innovative smart home technologies being integrated seamlessly with Australian homes.

Here are some of the smart home technology trends that we anticipate will take over the smart home category throughout 2021.


Smart charge stations

Don’t just love it when you can wirelessly charge your smartphones and other devices without the fuss of cables and bulky chargers? As seen in our Nu Arte display home, smart charge stations are great for the tech-savvy family members so they won’t have to hunt around for missing chargers or to look for an available power socket.

The Nu Arte Display Home showcases a Smart Wireless Charging Station

Smart home security

With an integrated alarm system, you can watch over your home through a smartphone app while you’re away. Connect the app to your CCTV camera or access the doorbell video via an entry door app, so you can see people even around your home even when you’re at work or on a holiday. You can also lock and unlock your doors with your phone through a smart lock. This brings you peace of mind that you can leave your house without your keys or when you’re not home, you can let the kids in the house if they forget their keys and even their phones.

Control and secure your home via app

Smart garage door

Monitor and control your garage door while you’re away from home, from your smartphone. Can’t remember if you shut the garage door properly? You wouldn’t have to get up and check if you had the ability to monitor it on your phone. There is also a silent alarm app that can notify you when your door is open for a long time, where you can customise the mode of entry of your garage, and control multiple garage doors in more than one location – as seen in our Ultimate Living Series homes.

Operate and monitor your garage door with ease

Smart kitchens

Smart appliances that take the kitchen to a whole new level, such as:

Smart fridge – A smart fridge -many now with voice assistance – can help you keep track of what’s inside, monitor use-by dates to avoid wastage, help you write shopping lists, or give you the calorie value of its contents. Some smart fridges have cameras inside so that you can take a look at the contents without opening the door, or check what’s inside the fridge while you’re at the grocery store. Some even have a photo album display, replacing the old magnet-pinned photos. Or a tablet screen that works like a memo board which you can access from your phone, so you can write a note on the fridge anytime.

Smart cooking appliances – Smart ovens, smart microwave and smart coffee machines can be scheduled to start by connecting them to your home WiFi, so you can activate them via voice control. Before you get out of bed, you can get your hot coffee brewing and ready! When you’re coming home from work, you can activate the microwave to start heating your food so that it is ready just in time for when you arrive.

Keep track of what’s inside your fridge and create an electronic shopping list that can be accessed anytime

Smart bathrooms

It makes sense for bathrooms to be efficient with water-saving options, including a smart toilet with a self-flushing function and voice command, and shower also with voice command, recordings, and instant temperature control. You could also install an automatic air freshener, and ventilation that opens and closes automatically based on room temperature and personal needs.

Operate ventilation and temperature control by voice command

Smart lighting system

Light up your life automatically! A smart lighting system allows you to remotely turn the lights on or off through your phone. Save on your power bills by programming your lights to shut down on your schedule, and never waste electricity by leaving the lights on by accident. You can switch the lights on and off, or even dim the lights through voice control, and never touch a switch plate again.

Control your lighting, climate control and much more, remotely

Smart home climate control

What’s better than coming home to a house that’s too warm or too chilly? Adjust the thermostat remotely so you’ll be comfortable when you get home, with the temperature exactly to your liking. You can also schedule your blinds to close at mid-day for a more energy-efficient home, as well as set specific temperatures in different rooms to keep the whole family happy.

Open or close your blinds or set your home to the perfect temperature

Smart home entertainment

Tap your phone or talk to your home to set the scene while you’re home. Make date nights even more special by streaming a playlist to the alfresco area, turn on your pool lights or dim the lights for a romantic atmosphere. Turn any day into an extraordinary one! Customise a playlist to match the mood in any room. The options are endless!

Customise a playlist to match the mood

Add more value to your life and your home with smart technology

A smart home can be personalised to suit you and the way you live. Experience the comfort, energy and environmental efficiency, and the many benefits that a smart home can bring to your life so that you’ll never want to go back!