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Experience an exclusive walkthrough at the Shelford HQ Selection Studio

Experience an exclusive walkthrough at the Shelford HQ Selection Studio

One of the most exciting things about building your home is personalising it to your style. The Shelford Group is here to make the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free. Our Shelford HQ Selection Studio is designed to help you achieve your dream home and enhance your interior to suit your preferences and needs.

Stylishly appointed with a vast selection of exciting products for clients to choose from, our unique Selection Studio offers a relaxed setting to make the whole pre-start experience smoother and more fun. This is where you can find an organised collection of all our stylish fixtures and finishes in one convenient space without the overwhelming feeling of being too big and too much.

Exclusively yours during your Prestart meeting

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the area all to yourself so you can take your time and pick the best selections for you?

On the day of your Prestart meeting, we will have a car bay reserved for you with your name and you will be welcomed by our staff with a smile. The whole Selection Studio is privately yours for the duration of your Prestart meeting.

Welcome to our Selection Studio, come on in!

Dedicated professional Interior Designers

Our experienced Interior Designers will work with you closely in your selection process. You will get to touch, feel, and experience the design elements that go into all of Shelford’s Quality builds without getting intimidated with the vast number of choices. With so many new exciting products for you to choose from, we guarantee that there is always something unique to touch and see and that you will fall in love with.

With an abundance of inspiration and choices, our Interior Designers will be there with you throughout the process to expertly guide you and show you everything from the latest trends, styles, and examples.

Our Interior Designers provide the benefit of their knowledge and experience on everything, from a functional workspace, lighting, home automation to future-proofing your home with the latest trends and technology, such as USB ports, climate control, positioning of power points, lighting, internet, Kitchen cabinetry, solar power, and the list goes on.

An abundance of inspiration and choices, with so many new exciting products for you to see and touch.

Only high-quality products and service for you

All of the products in the Selection Studio are the latest designs and products used by Shelford Quality Homes. We make sure that you only get the best products and service and stress-free experience from us. We ensure that our personalised service leaves our clients feeling valued and confident with their selections and build.

Choose from high quality products that you can view in person.

Experience our industry-credited studio

With the Shelford HQ Selection Studio, you don’t only have an exclusive walkthrough to choose from a selection of great products, you also have a professional Interior Designer to help you make the best choices.

With so many exciting products to choose from in our unique Selection Studio, we invite you to book your exclusive private walkthrough today!

Our unique Selection Studio offers a relaxed setting where you can bring your visions to life.


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